Squero Americano

What is a gozzo?

It's a coastal double-ended fishing and sailing boat that i will build by custom order. Go fish, sail, and row. Come home safely.

Beach it on the shore.

It is a VERY cool and unique and historical vessel that has San Francisco written all over its italian heritage. The gozzo has come a long way from its native berth place in old europe

  • mediterranean

  • thyrranean

  • aegean

  • adriatic

  • atlantic

Long history, great fisheries. More recently, of San Francisco and the Monterey Bay, empowered by petrol, diesel, and now electric engines. The web page you are reading is lateen sail centric and is where i post my

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All content and context on my custom domain is copyright. Welcome to the online home of my squero americano boatyard.

This page is NOT in dry dock.

We are in the seed funding stage of startup mode. Able bodied and want to help out? Thank you. That will be a very sea-kindly motion, to extend a helping hand.

Custom Boatworks By Alex

As an art project i will makerspace and build by hand for select deluxe client patrons one (1) wooden boat as advertised here below.

  • The boat hull will be fiberglass and made unsinkable.

  • The wooden interior and decks and lateen sail rig will be Paulownia Elongata.

  • The length at waterline of the barquette will not be under five metres and not exceed seven meters length overall.

  • Model of boat is also known as barchetta, pointu, gozzo, or felouka.

  • daysail

  • sailfishing

  • sports and leisure

  • coastal navigation

  • nautical glamp

One shallow draft vessel can do it all.


Down payment $325,000 USD

Calculate plus or minus fifteen to thirty-five thousand USD additional balance due upon delivery depending on motor selection.

  • inboard biodiesel

  • electric saildrive

  • olio di gomito (oars)

Thank you for your support of the boatbuilder's art applied to modern materials science

Write to alex at gozzo dot app to get more info.