Relationship? It's the smile on a bird.

By Alex Frigino

In 2021 my stimulus check bought this 1978 C&C24 sailboat on Craigslist. The skipper could not believe his good fortune when i offered the twelve hundred usd asking price .

The sailboat requires TLC and shows a few wrinkles. The timeless design is a winner at the beer cans and first back to the slip to tie up a good run.

A racer for people who like to cruise the coast on the double rather than on a wing and a prayer. Her typoon sister is made unsinkable with a layer of closed cell foam. An upgrade well deserved as she is worth all tech upgrades and post-modernization effort.

C&C24 is 3600 lbs soaking wet and draws about 4 ft of water. Not a shallow float she can yet sail-up the bayou or out to the big buoys.

This sailboat has undegone one big sea trial to Veracruz and many day sails in the Vermillion bay.

Welcome aboard.

Any old boat needs a haul-out as she is not exactly well-found. And yet.

There she floats.

Ergo sum, the boat has great potential for the right captain and crew. The hull and rig are basically sound but the cosmetics tellingly speak of Harvey, Katrina, and Ida, plus a bit of sludge from a fifty year storm. What to do? Find some friends who like sailing, fishing, as well as hunting and gathering (great deals on fabulous getaways such as this here opportunity to sail away on the cheap.

All hands on paycheck!

  • replace or repair the mainsheet winches

  • buy new running and standing lines.

  • purchase a 7-9 horsepower outboard motor

  • buy a new main and genoa

  • acquire a sweep oar

  • purchase a chart plotter

The C&C24 is a big ship in a small boat.

There is more to repairs than a paint job. This is not a mobile home. She is a semi-submersible staycation. Ships like this can be easily DIY but the bills add-up fast in terms of the labor hours, materials, boat yard fees, and haul-out charges. For one sailor only. This is why i am looking for ship mates who want to similarly keep a pied-a-mer. I have owned three boats and would call being onboard this one a glamp were it not for the work that requires a full crew.

  • repair soft spots on the starboard and fore deck

  • rebuild tiller

  • re-build the hatch

  • re-wire nav lights

  • replace thru-hulls

  • replace the fixed lexan with opening ports.

  • re-wire the VHF and get a HAM radio.

  • Re-paint topside with non-skid fake teak.

  • apply anti-fouling

  • go fish.

Need sailboat? Look no further.

  1. Buy now price $1495.00 - 1978 C&C24 in as-is, where-is condition. No pirates, no refunds. Price is firm. I accept paypal or Apple Pay or Cashiers Cheque. Upon clearing of funds I snail mail a contract for the boatslip (should you wish to keep the boat at its present location), the signed over boat title, the key to the main hatch, and a google map.

  2. Buy a share $149.95. Facebook friends may request to buy one or more of ten shares total. See partnership terms and conditions.